Learning Lessons with GI Joe
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Thread: Learning Lessons with GI Joe

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    Learning Lessons with GI Joe

    So for our members who are at least 20 or older you will remember the GI Joe the cartoon series and if you remember in between the episodes they had kids in dangerous situations and the Joes would teach them a lesson about safety...well these are those clips which have been re-voiced and are so god damn funny you will have a hard time getting through them with out crying

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    dude those are fucking funny!!!!
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    I got all excited, then was so disappointed these are so dumb they made my head hurt. out of like 5 clips I give 1.5 smiles it's early though


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    I actually started tearing up watching those again...i loved playing with matches till GI JOE said it was wrong. Ahh the days of being "buzzed" off 2 cans of ROOTBEER.
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