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    Deer Whistles the Final Word

    I just love this topic

    Read this first for the facts and true studies

    Because some of you may be getting this spam shortly

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    Deer are a highly skittish animal and will normally react to the whistle by stopping, looking and listening to determine if they are being threatened. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to inspect your deer whistles for bugs or any debris that could be clogging the holes. Plugged holes will reduce the effectiveness of your deer whistle.

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    A LDRider I know who is hilarious by the way wrote a nice analysis of the testimonials on the website. Here it is

    I had deer whistles on my '93 Concours for about 70,000 miles, and never hit a deer. That might depend heavily on where I was riding, tho. Since then, I have logged over 75,000 miles on bikes without deer whistles, and never hit a deer, in spite of the fact that I have spent far more time in areas where there were deer.

    Of course, I always felt that spending 5 bucks on something that may or may not work was no big deal. I have talked to people who hit deer while using deer whistles. I'd think that only deer who had learned to respond a certain way (for whatever reason) would avoid vehicles equipped with deer whistles. That involves a learning curve for the deer. A driver who didn't know what the horn on an automobile was for wouldn't swerve out of the way when you blew your horn at him for invading your lane. Deer will only avoid a perceived threat. An unidentified sound poses no threat, because it's an unidentified sound that is unassociated with anything in the deer's negative experience. The sound of the vehicle itself may pose more threat to the deer, due to previous close calls that instilled a sense of fear in the deer regarding things that made such sounds.

    Furthermore, if the whistles produce a supersonic sound, that frequency would be very directional. If the deer were not standing in the road, or on the shoulder, there is little likelihood that they would even hear it, with available research to indicate that deer don't hear such frequencies at all.

    After reading the "testimonials" on the web site, I find myself amused, because many of them don't actually support the efficacy of deer whistles. Here's a testimonial (from the website) to the efficacy of the whistles, even though they actually hit a deer:

    "On our return trip home again we are traveling after dark about 9:30 p.m. traveling West bound on 36 highway as we topped the hill and began the level pavement was when we saw three large deer running from the east bound two lanes coming to our side of the highway.

    My husband immediately began to say " Oh my God they are going to get us this time." I said "no stay firm they will stop we have the whistles"

    Just like an animated cartoon, they come across the two lanes of East bound traffic and across the median grassy area on to the west bound fast lane of traffic, just as if they put on their brakes. Their hoofs hit the pavement and two of them got stopped in their tracks, however the third one when he hit the pavement his back feet slid out from under him and as he continued to skid out of control right across the road in front of us, applying the brakes, he got to the edge of the road he stood up and not being able to swerve to the left because the other two deer were standing there we held the car straight and as the animated deer stood upright our front right fender hit his right hip"

    Who was applying the brakes? The deer, or the driver? I'm trying to figure out why they felt that the whistles had been effective in that scenario. Because the other two deer stopped? Does that mean that it's effectvie 66.666% of the time? Or, does that mean that the deer were most like likely used to crossing that 4-lane highway and avoiding traffic, and the one deer misjudged? Bottom line: They hit a deer, and they feel that proves that the whistles work.

    Then, there's this testimonial. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics and evidenciary support on this one:

    "We installed your deer whistles on our 2003 Corolla (practically invisible) and just the other night, two large deer came through the ditch and approached the road. We were about 100 feet away when we saw them. The first deer took off across the road. The second deer looked at our car, stopped at the edge of the road and then walked across in front of our car. We had plenty of time to slow down and avoid an expensive crash. That second deer heard something, and we can only atribute the deer whistle for giving us time to stop."

    Maybe the second deer heard the automobile itself, and saw the headlight? He obviously didn't consider it a threat or a problem, because he "walked across in front of" the car. How does this testimonial support the use of deer whistles? Both deer crossed in front of the car.

    If the car in question were traveling at 50 mph, that equates to 73 FPS. Let's say that the driver had his foot on the brake, applying pressure in 1/2 second. He's now about 64 feet from the deer. I don't think you'll make a radical difference in 64 feet. Any difference or successful evasion would be the product of driver reaction, and not that of the whistle, since the deer was already crossing the road in front of the car, proving that the whistle didn't work.

    Other testimonials indicate that the driver felt sure that if he didn't have the whistles, the deer would have jumped out in front of him. How can you quantify what didn't happen? That's like saying that this toothpast prevents 69% more cavities than that toothpaste. In whose mouth? Did they try both toothpastes in the same mouth, with the same diet? With all circumstances identical? Impossible. Unquantifiable.

    My wife aggravates me because she thinks my office is too messy. I tell her not to look in there, and it won't hurt her eyes. She just wants it to be pristine like other areas of the house -- it's not really that bad.

    I just tell her that the mess in my office is "crime prevention". It has successfully prevented any burglaries or home invasions during all these years. That exasperates her enough that she drops the subject. You just can't argue with unfounded circular logic.

    Personally, I think the "Gremlin Bells" are a better investment than deer whistles, but you have to remember: they only work if it's a gift fom someone that you consider a friend. The logic is much more solid. Gremlins like conical-shaped spaces in which to hide, so thay are attracted to the inside of the bell. The noise of the clapper drives them to distraction and disrupts their systems, so that they fall out on the roadway, which, unfortunately causes potholes. Makes perfect sense to me. . . . .

    Now perhaps I should divert my efforts into something that's productive in a more financial manner . . . eating and paying the house note are good aspirations.

    This post is for entertainment purposes only., Any and all rebuttals will be subject to unfounded circular logic that is not logic at all, but merely an effort employed to thoroughly exasperate the rebuttor.

    And finally Champ car driver Cristiano da Matta hit a deer at Road America in practice last week.

    May I be the first to suggest the Annual BCSB Deer Hunt
    BCSB had mountains of experience with a lot of things. #1 on that list is pouring out bullshit to dumb questions by the Gigabyte. (TripleTime, 12-10-2014 03:19 PM)

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    Zap Srap a dog whistle to the bottom of your bike..

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    My next big investment after I finish paying off this special rock that keeps tigers away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridenrain
    My next big investment after I finish paying off this special rock that keeps tigers away.

    I would like to propose to buy your rock.

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    I don't take proposals from guys, but I'll send you the rock, and all this money from you're dead relative from Nigeria if you send me you're bank information. All I need is a bank account with a thousand bucks to show you're serious...

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    I am located in rural BC. Deer chew the branches off of my fruit trees. Been here 8 years and have hit 2 deers so far. One with Dakota sport , one with Caravan. Have come close with the R1 a couple of times, once last week. What I have noticed is that when the rpms are up a bit, 6-8, the deer dont walk away from me, they book it as fast as they can. The times that I have come close the rpms were down. My conclusion is that my stock exhaust works
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    Do Harleys ever hit deer? 'Cause you know loud exhausts save lives!
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    GSX-R750, 2001 F4i, 2002 RM-9 Posts:1,000,012!!
    Quote Originally Posted by masonjarz
    Do Harleys ever hit deer?
    I don't think so. But I bet more than one cougar has thrown herself at one.
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