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    Yo computer geeks

    Has anyone on here tried Mac OSx86? Part of the http://forum.insanelymac.com/ site where they are putting Mac OSX onto regular PC hardware. This mainly came about when the Macs switched to Intel hardware.

    Just like to putz around. Tried to Linux and may go back but would really like to try a MacOS but without having to buy a Mac.

    Keep your Mac/PC debate out of this. This is purely geek shit where you don't do cuz you have to but because you can.
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    Not sure how much luck you are going to have doing this. Problem is they use an ID scheme that is used, Trusted Computing is the brand name, is tied to the hardware. Very hard to krack. Can be done but pretty much every rev of OS X kills the previous krack and you have to install from scratch. If you got the time, the will and the stomach...

    This whole approach was really big during the beta testing period of OS X (Universal). I haven't followed it all that closely since but the lack of comment on it in the Mac community tells me it is getting more difficult to do.

    One other point BCSB doesn't endorse this kind of behavior

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    Just buy a mac, and don't look back.

    The grass really is greener over here.

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    Couldn't agree more.
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    Yeah it works, the problem is drivers. Everyone seems to <3 OS X though.

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