WTT: 90' Nissan 240sx Hatchback *JDM SR20DET Turbo Motor* Pics*
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Thread: WTT: 90' Nissan 240sx Hatchback *JDM SR20DET Turbo Motor* Pics*

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    WTT: 90' Nissan 240sx Hatchback *JDM SR20DET Turbo Motor* Pics*

    I'd like to trade my car for a bike plus cash on the buyers end.

    Im not looking for a brand new bike just something to start out with.

    Shoot me a PM on what you got if interested.

    Heres all the specs on my car.

    I did the SR Swap myself about a year ago (July 05’). Took me roughly 4 days from start to finish. I’ve never had 1 single problem with the motor or anything else. I got the motor from JDMSource.com out of Calgary, Alberta and they assured me that it was below 75,000km’s (but who ever really knows). My guess would be it’s somewhere around that cause of how well it runs (Many people can vouche for this). I have NEVER raced or drifted this car I intend to keep it that way until it sells.

    The Car:
    -1990 Nissan 240sx Hatchback
    -Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors
    -Silver with Blue Interior
    -5 Speed

    Roughly 220,XXX on the body. Since when you do the SR Swap you need the Silvia Gauge cluster I don’t have the real amount of km’s on the dash but I did the swap a year ago with about 205,XXX km’s and I use this car as my local daily driver so I’d guess around 15,XXX km’s /yr.

    Now for the mods.


    -JDM Nissan Silvia SR20DET Redtop (2.0L Turbo)
    -Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1 Front Mount Intercooler
    Core Size: 16 ½” x 8 ¼” x 2 ½”
    -2G Racing Custom Intercooler Piping
    -Enjuku Racing Polished Hot Pipe
    -Aure Custom Turbo Intake w/ Option Racing Silicone Couplers
    -HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
    -Greddy Oil Cap
    -JDM Nissan Silvia Radiator
    -MR Tubular Exhaust Manifold
    -T-Pros 3” Turbo Outlet
    -T-Pros 3” Downpipe
    -T-Pros 3” Test Pipe
    -Apexi’ GT Spec 3.75” Catback Exhaust
    -Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
    - (2) 10” Permacool 2500CFM Electric Fans w/ Adjustable Temperature.
    -Optima Redtop Battery
    - Exedy Stage 2 Organic Race Clutch
    -Open Element Air Filter
    -NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
    -1993 300zx TT Fuel Filter

    -Removed A/C, Power Steering and Cruise Control

    -Front: 5Zigen Fn01r-c 17x8 +35 offset
    Wynstar Exocet 215/45/17 (90% tread left)
    -Rear: 5Zigen Fn01r-c 17x9 +20 offset (Custom offset for 240's)
    Dunlop SP Sport 5000 245/45/17 (50% tread left)

    Suspension and Brakes:
    -MR Lowering Springs (F: 1.8” R: 1.2”)
    -MR Rear Lower Tie Bar
    -F&R Brembo Blank Rotors
    -F&R KVR Carbon Kevlar Pads

    Interior and Exterior
    -JVC MP3/CD player
    -Sony In-Door Tweeters
    -Pioneer 5” Door and Rear Speakers
    -Autometer Dual 2 1/16” Gauge Pod
    -Autometer 2 1/16” Phantom Boost Gauge
    -Autometer 2 1/16” Phantom Oil Pressure Gauge (Not hooked up yet but comes with everything needed to hook it up)
    -Greddy Turbo Timer with Greddy S13 harness
    -MOMO Phantom Shift Knob
    -JDM Nissan Silvia Gauge Cluster
    -Ractive Pedals
    -JDM Chuki 180sx Front Turn Signals
    -Bosch H4 Headlight Conversion
    -PIAA 4100k Star Bright Bulbs
    -NISMO Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
    -92’ 240sx Front Bumper Conversion w/ OEM Zenki Lip
    -JDM OEM Nissan S15 “S” Silvia Front Emblem.

    The Good:
    -The Motor runs FLAWLESSY. No weird as ticks or anything like you find with many SR’s that come over here.
    -Oil changed @ MAX ever 3,000km’s with Quaker State Full Synthetic and WIX oil filter.
    -Interior is MINT for the age. No rips on the fabric or cracks on the dash. Just a minor wear spot on the drivers seat.
    -As said before, never raced, drifted or Auto-X’d.

    The Bad:
    - The paint has some clearcoat scratches really bad on the passenger side along with some peeling. If your good with wet sanding it'll be an easy fix. I was going to attempt it but I didn't wanna screw it up. My buddy did it on one spot and it came out really good. I might even get this fixed before the car is sold or if it’s apart of the sale deal.

    -Mirror Rust forming under the hood above the struts. VERY common for these cars but its easy to fix as well if you got some time. Also theres some rust forming along the bottom by the rear drivers side 1/4 panel. It's about the size of a dime so it's nothing major.

    -The wrinkle has been on the back there since I got the car. The previous owner told me it was a Hit and run. Someone hit him in the parking lot then took off. It's purely cosmetic and I just haven't bothered fixing it cause it isn't terribly noticable for one and its just wrinkled in..no cracked paint or anything so Im not worried about it rusting. It's been like that for at least 2 years now.

    -I think I got a bunk speed sensor in the tranny. My speedo has never worked since I did the swap and I’ve gone over wiring to fix it but still nothing. Since the speedo doesn’t work neither does the Ododmeter. It reads 57,XXX km’s. The cluster came from a Silvia as mentioned.

    Misc Info:
    -The Oil Pressure gauge is not hooked up yet. I got the sender and everything I just need to find the time to do it.

    -As stated the car doesn’t have power steering. Personally I like it cause you can feel the car a lot more and predict more what it wants to do. It’s not hard at all to steer like most people think. If you want power steering for it all you’d need is a Non-Hicas SR20 power steering pump, DOHC 240 Power steering lines and a resovior.

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