The Life of Ted - Vstrom to the Artic
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Thread: The Life of Ted - Vstrom to the Artic

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    The Life of Ted - Vstrom to the Artic

    My pal Ted Timmons (650 V Strom), Hyderseek rider, and Northwest Passage checkpoint monitor is off on a solo trip in the Artic. It is late in the season up there even for a rider of Ted's abilities.

    He is trying to ride to Inuvik, Deadhorse and a bunch of other places. Of course he is camping; mostly it seems in the rain and mud..

    Let me quote from his experience on the Dalton Highway.

    "Now, this calcium is nasty stuff. Good in the dry, but I'm not sure it has a place, even Arizona, let alone in the Yukon. Still, I've been in wet mud, wet gravel, and wet calcium. A lot of the slippery wet stuff was "monkey poo" (technical term). None of it was like this calcium. I think this stuff was a proprietary mixture of camel spit, old slimy fish guts, and Vaseline.

    So there were about 30 miles of this stuff. It was endless- I started at about 12mph, and then varied between 2mph and 30. If I was wrong, the bike would try to swap ends. It's interesting to fight that battle- somewhat like keeping a Goldwing going straight on freshly cleaned and watered ice. I had at least a dozen "moments" where the front tire would slide, the rear tire would step a long ways out, or both."

    Nice is all I can say, to read his daily reports go here

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill
    I wondered where Ted was these days, he wasn't posting on his regular haunts for a while.

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