Hi, I'm selling some funiture which I want gone asap so I'm selling them for cheap.
I'm looking to sell within the next couple of days so please PM me right away if interested. Sorry but buyer must pick up becasue I have no way of moving these around in my little prelude. I am Located In Surrey.

The items for sale and prices are as follows...

- Dining table. I forgot to take the picture of it before I dissasenbled it. So I took a picture of the top of the table. If the buyer want's I can reassemble it before they pick it up. The mesurements are 30" X 48" Pretty much your standard Dining table. I'm gonna say $10.00.

- NEC 27" Colour TV. The picture is fine but the sound however is not. So instead I hooked it up to the speakers you see on top of the T.V. and it works fine. (even a little better since it has a sub now) The wood look finish is really nice, and the top is sturdy enough to support my 20 gallon fishtank and alot more. I used it in my rec room mainly to watch DVD's and play Video games on. $40.00 OBO

- The Sofa Bed. Now this sofa bed is a big 3 seater couch when it is not deployed. It measurses 72" across. And when opened reveals a comfy and study queen sized bed. It has a nice Frame with some carvings in it as you can see from the pictures. $45.00 OBO

Thanks for looking guys, Feel free to PM /e-mail me with any offers/questions.