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    help on bike

    Ok i got a 2003 kawi zx6r it was green and now its white as i painted her this color,, I realy like the white but want to go back to the green as it is the kawi color but i want a custom green/color done ( i also got the green racing jacket for 06 ) ,,, i am going to paint it in the next few months as it will be off the road at the end of this month,, can someone give me some ideas on a good color(s) or a site with some good ideas,,also
    i want to redo my rims eather polish or crome ?/ what do u think will look best and i will just dip mine found a place in cali that does it for 500us i cant find anyone here or i would have it done here,,,

    plz help me out on this i cant make up my mind , so many colors to pick from and ways to paint it
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    Paint it black or silver. Those always look good. Or if something more flashy paint it Candy Red, or Orange. Plz dont paint it Kawasaki green, soo fugly!. Paint it darker green or a little "hoter" green with some silver.

    I would paint it a very shiny black, or a dual silver/titanium. Have you seen gone in 60 seconds? Paint it the colour of "elanor" the mustang

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