question about running from police???
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Thread: question about running from police???

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    Question question about running from police???

    running for whatever reason, has anyone had an experience with your license plate getting tagged, do you end up getting a ticket later. and yes there is a reason im asking, thankfully not me riding.... however my bike was involved.
    its sorta out of my hands now its happened, just wondering if others have gone through similiar stuff.
    pm me if you like

    and yes couldnt agree more on how stupid of a situation it is, i found this out when i was contacted by police on a night my bike was lent out, and i realize how much that " someone else was riding" must sound like a lie.

    thanks for any info or even the "what a dumb ass" comments

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    they will harass you to death afterwords, i did the same thing, a buddy red lined all threw downtown squamish and i got pulled over twice later that week and given a speech and a ticket for no rearview mirrors, they cant ticket you unless they have a witness, one of the cops said he could ticket me for all the shit i did in the last six months and thats not possible, everyone knows everyone here though...
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    isn't that they ticket whoever is riding the bike, not the bike owner?

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    They can't write down your license plate number and send you a ticket later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove
    They can't write down your license plate number and send you a ticket later.
    You are incorrect, they certainly can... But usually they don't...

    If there is expert testimony available, and your license plate was recorded, you may have to provide a sworn statement that it was not you on the bike - if the police want to pursue the matter.

    Further, if it goes to court, you will have to identify who was on the bike, or that the bike was stolen (a police report on a stolen bike goes a long way!).

    If you refuse to identify a friend you will be charged with Perjury... Or the judge may decide it was really you on the bike and you are just lying (perjury again, but usually not enforced since you will be charged with failing to stop for a peace officer, as well as whatever reason they wanted you to pull over for in the first place).

    In other words - anything can happen... Likely - they won't do much but your license plate is in their computer now... So every cop that runs your license will see this issue come up. I expect they would try and pull you over to try and make you run again...

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    sold :/
    This is anecdotal, told to me from the person it happened to --
    he loaned out his truck, the person driving took off on the cops whilst they got his plate #, he ended up getting an "automatic court appearance". That's all I remember heh. I dont think its the end of the world but ... yeah it's not positive either. Better hope they didn't actually get the plate.
    And perhaps consider "how good a friend" your buddy is.


    EDIT: If they already talked to you and you havent been served with anything then you are *probably* fine.
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    ....two words..... AIR ONE

    Welcome to 2006

    Many riders on this board can't even ride at their own pace let alone being in a panic, adrenaline flowing, and all the other little interesting things that can pop up on everday roads. This is a recipe for disaster and Karma does work.....if the next corner, car, dog, little old lady crossing the street don't get you.......they'll get you at home. You can't run from the radio.

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    You're never quicker than the radio waves.
    Good luck.
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    Okay well here is another question for everyone that is along the same line...
    if one were speeding down Rupert street with in say 100 meters of the highway on ramp and one was intending to head into north or west van when all of a sudden a VPD car flips on the lights if one were to take off out of his jurisdiction namely on to the highway and across the bridge will he
    1) Follow me and chase me down
    2) Radio ahead to RCMP, follow me, and detain me until the RCMP arrives
    3) Radio ahead and not follow me
    4) Just leave and do nothing
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    Jurisdictional boundaries exist only at the county line during episodes of Dukes of Hazzard.

    I'm sure Van is the same as Vic... POs can cross municipal borders (including those policed by RCMP) and enforce laws. A simple courtesy radio message between departments is all that usually is required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove
    They can't write down your license plate number and send you a ticket later.
    yes they can...
    say your son got ran over by a R1. you call the cops and you also have 15 witneses in front of starbucks. The cop can write u a ticket to the biker, they dispute in court, the 15 witness appears, u can try to convince the judge with the cop along with the witnesses.
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    u can b qicker then radio but they got a chopper up now and i doubt they wll call it for a chase unless someone robbed or killed someone first. Here is the big rule about running from the cops, if he is standing on the road and u go around him u hae a good chance hell never get the plate and by the time hes in the car and radio u havea minute or so and thats alot of rights and lefts, if u passs him and he turns around he has abetter chance but if u know how to ride ur long gone, the only time u shouldnt run is when the cop is right behind u and the cherries pop up at that time ur pretty much fucked so just pull over. Unless the plate u have aint real and u are really good then its all skill then.

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    It all depends on what they get you for. if it is just a regular ticket... you don't even see a judge, you go before the Justice. You go to the registry and you make sure that they have it written down as a Noted Driver ticket meaning that it was not you riding. If you get a ticket, it's a quick guilty not guilty issue. I dont think that they can charge you criminally for driving without due care and attention if they don't know who the rider is. Your plate may be tagged and they may annoy the shit out of you for the next little while though.

    As far as jurisdiction goes.... i believe you're SOL Frapps. For example... If you haul ass down Marine Drive from North Van to West van... the PD isn't going to stop under the bridge because they can't go any further... especially that north van crown deals with all of the criminal matters from Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, West van,etc etc

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    About 10 years ago, I had a friend who used to drive a old Bandit edition Firebird. Anyways, this car was fast and had all the aftermarket suspension goodies. This kid could drive was blast drifting every corner with him at the wheel.
    Anyways, he got used to outrunning cops because he could outdrive them. Eventually, they figured out his plate, and everytime he outran a cop, you guessed it, there would be a cop waiting for him at his parents house when he got home.
    Eventually, he got in a pretty good wreck with it, and this history of running caught up to him. They charged him with everything they could think of. He got fines, points, lost his license, and I don't know how many hundreds of hours of community service. He definitely learned his lesson.
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    I stopped running from the cops when I was 17. I got chased by one of these 4 legged suckers. It took a chunk out of my leg. The cop told me I will always loose, if I run. Forward 11 years later. Those cops cant keep up to my 600RR!!! I love seeing those lights go up.. Kind of like Christmas. Best part of riding is getting chased!

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