Powerplant and drivetrain question...
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Thread: Powerplant and drivetrain question...

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    Powerplant and drivetrain question...

    I don't know if this is the right category to post this, but I've looked high and low on the net to find a wholesaler of liquid cooled, 4 cylinder fuel injeted sportbike engines and drivetrains and have come up dry... i'm hopeing someone in the sportbike community here know's of a place *in north america* that offers wholesale prices on these items... *aside from the rediculously overpriced dealers like honda, kawi, etc...* any info would be greatly appreciated...


    ps, plz either PM me on here, or call at 604-809-3840
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    If you're not a "dealer", then it's pretty unlikely any wholesaler will sell too you unless you're otherwise in the family.

    eBay has tons of engines from breakers in the US. Have at it.

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    talk to Brad at Chop Shop Cycles... be can hook you up with a complete used setup.....
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    I'm guessing that for some reason you want more than one or two and that you want them to be all the same. I'd say that you're out of luck in that case. I've never heard or seen of any motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile style power plants being sold by any of the major manufacturers on their own. The one possible exception would be Rotax who makes engines only and sells them to various bike makers.

    The only other option is to do like a couple of companies have done and buy direct from the big makers in Japan. For example there's one or two companies that bought the Suzuki SV650 and TL1000 engine to put into their own bikes.

    At any rate if this is a commercial plan then you're talking to the wrong place. You need to get in touch with the national distributors for the various engines you're considering and talk to them.
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    Contact the manufacturers directly (suzuki, yamaha, etc.)

    Bombardier sells engines only as Teetee stated. They have a VTwin 990cc 139hp engine that would work, but nothing in the way of an inline 4 if that's what you're after. Check out www.rotax.com for more info. KTM I believe has a very similar engine to the rotax if they're not actually the same thing.

    I know service honda out of the US has Honda Japan making them CR500 crate motors so it can be done, but you'd have to place a minimum order and I shudder to think what the minimum order might be for them to take you serious. One off's will certainly not get their attention.

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    I know that Yamaha used to sell their fj1200 motor as a crate motor to the "sprint car" guys but you had to be a racer with cred......

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