Usefulness of a small air tank/ compressor?
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Thread: Usefulness of a small air tank/ compressor?

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    Usefulness of a small air tank/ compressor?

    What use would a small 3 gallon compressor be good for aside from inflating tires and blow cleaning things like carb needles and other small stuff like that?

    100psi max, 1.0scfm @40psi, 0.6scfm @90psi.

    Could this thing be used to sand blast clean parts too?
    or maybe run a nailer?

    It goes on sale for $60 on Friday

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    1cfm is piss all for air i wouldnt bother bother with anything other than air for tires

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    I agree. Minimum you want to run pneumatic tools is 6cfm @ 90psi. That compressor is good for nothing other than tires and maybe an air mattress.
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    I use a little "air mattress" compressor as part of my backcountry 4X4 preparedness kit. It contains tire plugs, a bottle jack, a couple crowbars and this little comp. with this kit I can go as far as fully demounting a tire by the side of the road, if I have to. The comp will fill a truck tire in about 10 minutes so, time enough for a beer after all the hard work.

    It won't pop the bead back on a tire though, you need high pressure/high volume air for that. I keep a little can of propane around for that. Using a torch tip, fill the tire with propane to a suitably flammable mixture and chuck a match in, from a safe distance. A very exciting blast follows, like a barbecue lit that has had the taps open too long and, bingo, tire is popped on the bead. The blaze inside self-extinguishes due to lack of oxygen.


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    I bought the exact same compressor. It's a steal of a deal for $60, and will do fine for tires and other general inflation things. I primarily use that compressor for my modelling airbrush, and it works like a hot damn.
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    Useless for any air tools other than maybe very intermittent use of something like an air nailer. Anything rotary requires far more CFM at higher pressure.
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