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Thread: wmv files?

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    wmv files?

    When I try and play wmv files on XP Media Player ver 9xxx, the videos looks like a color film negative. I have all the updated codecs, all the Win XP updates, and a newer good laptop; strangely XP media player plays all the other types of media just fine AFAICT. I even installed XP_Codec_Pack-2-0-4 but it did not help.

    I have another media player (called Arcade) that came with my Acer Aspire 1604 laptop and it does the exact same thing with wmv files. With it too, the wmv files will play and the sound works, and you can (more or less) make out the scenes, but the colors are all wrong, it looks like a negative of a film (if anyone remembers what that looks like?).

    Thanks in advance my friends!
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