Gloves suggestions?
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Thread: Gloves suggestions?

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    Gloves suggestions?

    I have a pair of "BK Racing" leather gloves that I bought from Burnaby Kawasaki. They keep my hands fairly warm but are a bit loose, so I feel a bit disconnected, especially from my throttle. For more delicate throttle movements I often feel unsure...

    No it's not a sizing problem... one size down then it's too small.

    At this point I am ready to move up to a better pair of gloves. Any suggestions on gloves? I am just making some wild guesses here: are there "summer" ones which provide better feel but less weather protection, and "winter" ones that are the opposite, OR can better quality gloves do both?

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    I have the Shift SR-1 gloves, they're great. Excellent in terms of feel, anti-vibration pads, etc. They have full carbon fiber knuckle protection as well. They are 'long' gloves that cover the wrist as well. Joe Rocket makes some nice ones as well. Check out a local shop and try on a bunch, like helmets....they'll all fit differently. For most decent gloves, expect to pay between $90 and $150 depending on the make, model, etc...
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    I rode for four years with a pair of Watson gauntlets. Tough leather, comfortable as hell. Then I bought a pair of the BK Racing gloves, because I wanted something that went under my jacket better. I like them, but they fit me quite well. I seem to recall that they were a little snug when I got them, but that they stretched out a little and now they're fine. Maybe you would find that too?
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    I also have a problem with M being a little snug but L is too loose. I just use the M since gives me better grip control. I also know people that prefer the looser feelings. Like said above, gloves are like helmets, it depends how you like the fit. Try out different brand , different models and different sizes.

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    I wear Alpinestars GP tech gloves and love them, Kind of stiff at first but once they break in after a few rides they're perfect.
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    try on as many until you find one you like
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