A Bee thought I was its Queen!
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Thread: A Bee thought I was its Queen!

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    A Bee thought I was its Queen!

    So yesterday evening while riding out to a friends place in Langley...I was just turning onto 200th and I felt this sudden stinging pain inside my pants on my inner thigh. I was hurting so much that I had to pull over and rub my leg.

    So I get my to my friends house and I go inside and check my leg...yup, looks like a bee flew up my jeans and stung me good! Im a little bit alergic to bee stings, so my leg has been a little swollen. I'll be alright though.

    So what I think is that all my yellow gear made the damn bee think I was its queen...later did he find out I wasnt...and stung the shit out of me!

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    Paint that yellow shit black, unless you are a Queen, then paint your black shit yellow.

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    I've been stung by hornets on two occasions (total 4 stings) so far this season because they freakin hide in my goddamn bike boots. The first time I didnt know WTF was happening, and first it stung me on the foot, then the shin, then the knee... bugger was goin for the bonanza but luckily I got him before he made it.


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