R1 owners, pros and cons of their bike.
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Thread: R1 owners, pros and cons of their bike.

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    R1 owners, pros and cons of their bike.

    As the heading says, pros and cons.
    Your experiences, such as...
    Range, power delivery, ride position, seat comfort, mechanical, ease of maintenance...etc.
    Please mention the year of your bike

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    Talking c'mon you posers!!!

    i wanna see these results as well,

    currently ride an crash tested '05 r6;

    next year upgrading to a litre beast, tis between the cbr, 10r, and r1...

    i loves the looks of the r1, but looks arent everything, so c'mon

    lets hear it!!

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    mmmm me likey.. ive never ridden any other litre bike.. but this thing is pretty sweet... i guess the only con i can come up with are the operation and maintenance costs.. but hell.. its a sportbike after all!

    Range, like fuel range? anywhere from 150-240 km /tank

    power delivery, growls hard a low rpms - howls like hell up high!

    ride position, it aint no gold wing, but i am doing about 110 km / day commute on it with a lot of pleasure riding thrown in there....

    seat comfort, if you ride it nicely, your butt doesnt stay in one spot for too long!! haha

    mechanical, ive done a couple of oil changes on it.. it's a bit of a nuisance to strip her down, but it's a good way to get to learn the bike i suppose



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    Quote Originally Posted by Skookum
    As the heading says, pros and cons.
    Your experiences, such as...
    Range, power delivery, ride position, seat comfort, mechanical, ease of maintenance...etc.
    Please mention the year of your bike
    I have an 04 R1. Put 27,000 on it.

    Cons: Stock seat must go if you ride over 200K on it. The under the seat exhaust heats up the block and tackle in stop and go traffic. The 190 on the back must go. Put a 180 on it and it will put a smile on your face. Mid-range power/torque slump between 5 and 8K.

    Pros: Carves through corners like a dream. The stock exhaust howls after 5K and gets better over time. You can easily get rid of the midrange slump with velocity stacks and a PCIII but sacrifice a bit at the top end. The gears are stoopid tall and combined with the uneven power curve it makes for some interesting riding. There is an upside to the uneven power delivery. The R1 has tons of character in its riding characteristics. Consequently, you do not bore of the bike. Mechanically the bike is sound. I have done nothing to it except for scheduled maintainance.

    If I was to do it all over again would I get an R1. Probably although the Suzuki 750 is mighty tempting.

    Are there faster litre bikes out there? Yes indeed. The ZX-10R and the GSXR 1000 are easily faster. Guess it really depends on what appeals to you and most importantly: how you fit the bike. The R1 is perfect for my body form so it was a no-brainer. I sat on it and the proportions were bang on for my leg position and arms.

    Get rid of the stock seat. I went with a custom seat from Rich's Custom Seats in Seattle and put a funky bag system on it from "Venture" which made the bike livable as a tourer.

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    2005 R1


    1. top end power
    2. awesome headlight
    3. easy to work on
    4. good riding position
    5. awesome stability
    6. cool gauge display
    7. overall package


    1. heatsoak through frame ( nuts roasting effect )
    2. tall ass first gear (weak low end)
    3. insurance ( about 1000 dollars difference a year compare to 600cc )

    I guess other than heat problem I m really happy with the bike !! I have ridden the gixxer 1000 and it does have little more low end power than the R1. But personally I like the overall package from the yamaha for the liter bike !!

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    I had an 03, did over 48,000 Kms in 2 years, no mech problems, loved the riding position. Ran better with a full Akro and a PC111. Hit a deer.
    I now have an 06 R1, better riding position and a more comfortable seat ( I may have a bigger ass than others ). Better top end with a tall first gear.
    Best bikes I've owned.

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    The 04+ is IMO the best japanese bike available.
    At dyno day last weekend, the two strongest 1000s were R1s, and yes there were two gixxers there...
    Buy R1, install 180 rear tire, re-gear, Ohlins damper and you're golden.

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    riding position is very comfy for an R1 versus a RR.

    If you do a lot of riding. yeah maybe the R1 is for you but for a R1, 1000 CC, you'll hardly have a chance to rip it up to 4th gear. With the insurance rate of a 1000CC, i opted for the gxsr 750 and i loved it. Yes 250 CC ain't that much of a difference but the fact that it's great even with a passenger and it's cheaper insuarnce, i like my gsxr 750.
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