Hey again guys; I have another dilemma. I went out and bought a new-ish lower silver fairing for my R6, just picked it up today, and....it has a bunch of tiny rock chips on the front, and a scratch along the bottom 1/3rd. Serves me right for buying a used part off Ebay...
Anyways, I think the scratches can be waxed/clayed/polished out, and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what products or methods to use, thats safe for a painted (silver) fairing.
Also, my swingarm has a blemish/scratch on it from where the old stock can was bent by an over-eager passenger, and was rubbing on the flat-black swingarm, scratching it to the point of it missing paint in a dime-sized area, and a blemish the size of a dollar around it. Where can I get touch-up paint, and for how much?
Many, many thanks!