Oh what a beautiful evening
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Thread: Oh what a beautiful evening

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    Oh what a beautiful evening

    for a walk in the park and to be entertained by the symphonic sound of a pair of thumper as they pulled away from the lights. Of the two, one even saluted the clear evening sky with his front wheel, while the rear propelled the bike for at least 50 or so meters. Well at least to the cross-walk where so many families with young kids cross back and forth on an evening such today. Not to mention the odd ball that shoots across the road after a failed 'bend it like Beckham' attempt.

    I, along with my wife and 2 kids had front row seats. We were only a few feet away from the cross-walk.

    I envied the skill of the rider (and coveted the bike - alas was not able to catch the model). What did piss me off was was where the rider chose to show off his/her skills.

    Much has already been said of such matters. Not expecting any changes. So just take this as a polite rant.

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    Ya saluting the clear sky that gave you such a nice day of riding is the least you can do when its time for it to go away. its a way of saying, "thanks bud, i hope i see you tommorow!"

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    there's a time and place, unfortunately male ego makes it hard to remember where to do it.
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