Any CAR mechanics with A/C certification on here?
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Thread: Any CAR mechanics with A/C certification on here?

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    Any CAR mechanics with A/C certification on here?

    I'm trying to sort out the feasibility of swapping in a full air conditioning system (factory) into an old civic that was ordered without one.

    I can get an intact system from a local wrecker already.
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    If you're doing the work yourself it won't be that bad. Compressor, condenser, some tubing/hoses, dashboard switches/controls, venting can be different. Make sure your current electrical harness/fuse box can support the AC sub-harness, or you'll have to swap out the entire harness. Get the whole thing re-charged when done...if it's an older system you'll have to retrofit to the new 134A refrigerant...that can be costly.

    ...oh and search the web. There's always someone out there that's done it and would have posted it on a forum.

    How old a car are we talking about? Can't you just sell it and get another one with AC?
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    I am a member of Vancouver Civics, there are several guys on our board that have done this. PM me and I can put you in touch with one.
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