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    Why is it that we have to seperate ourselves into small groups , then critize each other. BCCOM is a group that works for the RIGHTS of ALL riders. The banter I see on this forum is like a bunch of school kids . We are all out there on the road enjoying a sport we like. The helmet issue has been missed on most of the comments I read.. it's about CHOICE not what's right or wrong...... it's like which bike I like to ride Sport... Cruiser...Dirt...or & everything in between....
    Why can't the critics join BCCOM and work for all our good . There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed and the more members BCCOM has the better chance we have of succeding..
    I've seen Harley riders do some really stupid moves on their bikes and the same with Sport Bike riders . Bottom line seems to be that the brick wall is the same no matter what your on...no matter which helmut you have on.
    At 40 KMH per hr and up ,really what differance does it make?
    The point I want to make is... CHOICE.....YOUR CHOICE... that's what it's about.....

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    Respectfully, I'm going to suggest there are a large portion of riders out there, (here?) yes, critics, whom will not join BCCOM because they feel they are not well represented by BCCOM, and the views of the majority of BCCOM do not reflect their views. Their choice.

    Welcome to BCSB, by the way.

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    You don't have a choice with seatbelts anymore. Sometimes you have to protect the not so intelligent people. Yes it's Big Brother but that's the way society is.
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    Stolen from Atom:
    Being a road crayon sucks....put your gear between you and the pavement.

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    ya im gona join up but im too dam lazy maybe in the winter when i cant, or wont ride anymore. Even though i would never ride without a fullfaced helmet, i wont tell other not to. I mean a HD rider with a fullfaced sportbike helmet would look fucken stupid, and a sportbike rider with a skullcap would look equally stupid.

    I dont care, most of the guys on HD are old in age and hopefully wisdom and should have the right to wear what they want without anyone telling them otherwise. But it has to be DOT approved atleast, or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCBC
    BCCOM is a group that works for the RIGHTS of ALL riders.
    I would like the RIGHT to pay lower taxes and insurance premiums. But that might involve certified helmets and proper gear. BCCOM doesn't seem to represent my opinion very well. But since motorcyclists have had the RIGHT to priority loading on the ferries since the 70s and BCCOM worked very hard at that time to obtain the right - I suppose I should be very happy.

    Oh - BTW - when was BCCOM formed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunMetal
    a sportbike rider with a skullcap would look equally stupid.
    i never believed i'd see this but watched a lady ride a sportbike off the lot after having a service done at burnaby kawasaki, wearing jeans, runners, a tank top and a skull cap. not my place to judge but i personally prefer my head in one piece and my skin left on my body. she may have been a racer or something at one point but your experience still doesn't necessarily protect you from the other vehicles on the road as well as other unpredictable circumstances for that matter. its a personal preference yes, but there should still be stricter regulations to helmet requirements.
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