Anybody else a victim of Hit and Run???
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Thread: Anybody else a victim of Hit and Run???

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    Angry Anybody else a victim of Hit and Run???

    I was cut off by some idiot tonight. His back bumper literally hit my front tire. I lost control and was thrown off my bike . Im okay. A little bruised at most. The bike is scratched up on the right side. Submitted a claim tonight and going into claim centre to estimate damage. That clown took off as well. I managed to get one eye witness. Not sure if he got a plate number. Hopefully ICBC wont give me the shaft...

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    Witness should help you with your claim, but the deductible is yours unless they find him AND he admits fault.

    Did the witness tell you if they got the plate?

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    make sure u get the witness's name and number and make sure icbc can contact him or her... send them flowers as thank you. serioulsy if he/she backs out.. you're fcukeddddd
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