Debating riding up from Oregon
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Thread: Debating riding up from Oregon

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    Debating riding up from Oregon

    What's up everyone?

    So I've always wanted to come up and tour around BC with my bike. I've come up to party many times and enjoyed the hospitality of some of your female population , but I've never enjoyed any of your roads.

    I'm off from this Wednesday till Sunday and the weather looks pretty good so I was thinking about trucking my bike up this week. Would any of you be willing to show me some phatty roads up there for a day or two? A small group may be cool. I'm pretty flexible on whatever pace as long as the ride is as twisty and clean as you can make it and seeing some pretty countryside would be a bonus.

    I'll still want to go out and have a beer or two... or three downtown (or anywhere cool) and meet some friendly folks so hopefully some of you are down for that too.

    Also note, I may try and be back home by Saturday evening for some happenins down here, but nothing is written in stone.

    For what it's worth here's my myspace:

    You can message me there or here


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    There are plenty of amazing roads up here in BC. You will not be disappointed. You should definitely do the the loop. Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Lytton, Hope, Then Highway #7 back into town. It is an all day amazing ride. The Hope/Princeton Highway is awesome too (#3). If you could do those rides you would be pretty satisfied with your trip. I would love to show you around but I will be out of town that weekend. Check out the rides page and see what's happening too. Ride safe and have fun!

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    Well its quite a ride to tel you the truth.
    I have driven between Boise Idaho a few times, traveling through Oragon. Infact im in Idaho right now.
    Some sections of the trip are very rough tho, but where the true twisties start its all nice and smooth

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    Keep an eye on our I'm Going for a Ride, You Comin threads. There's always lots of guys/gals looking for some company. Kudos on enjoying our remale population...they are grand aren't they?
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    Trailer your bike from Oregon? C'mon! You're missing some great riding if you don't ride the distance.

    Try riding out to Astoria, OR and take the 101 through WA to Port Townsend, then cross over to route 9 and into BC through the Aldergrove crossing. That's a fantastic 1 day ride that avoids a lot of freeway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tattoodles
    Trailer your bike from Oregon? C'mon! You're missing some great riding if you don't ride the distance.

    I know I'm a cheater, but that's a lot of slabbin and flattening of tires I'm sure I'd be all pumped on the ride up, but I just know the ride home would hurt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stewy
    Kudos on enjoying our remale population...they are grand aren't they?
    They absolutely rock. I love 'em. Completely makes the long drive worth it.
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