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    radio communication devices

    Hi All,

    What's a good place to check out radio communication devices for us 2-wheeled folk? Need a way to communicate from my 2 wheeler to a 4 wheeler.


    - CJ
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    I've had an cb radio on both my previous bikes, not only for "bike to bike," but more importantly, "bike to truck to car to....." when I'm travelling. Not widely used in BC, or even northern states, but the farther east, and the farther south I travel, it's a priceless accessory.

    I haven't met anyone who can accomplish a quality installation for motorcycle purposes as Mark Reis, who's in Marysville WA.
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    It's a marvel of engineering
    You can also try

    I'm sure you can figure something out with their products. Or try their contacts page.
    Or if you've got the money to spend, ... go with the new Garmin gps, with integrated bluetooth technology, which would allow you to
    make and recieve phone calls through the gps to a bluetooth earpiece.

    on second thought, ... don't. to many people in cars can barely concentrate on their driving while talking on their phones.
    And your a very responsible rider who would never not concentrate on her riding, right!!!

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    None right now... has a local office on Hastings street, they've invited people from the forum to go by and try a set of headsets in the past, I don't know if that offer is still good though.

    Try sending a PM to user apollo (or is it appollo?). He works for them.

    A friend who instructs for the BCSC bought a set of motocomm headsets and Motorola GMRS radios, and uses them as an intercom between rider and passenger. He says that they work great, but finds them a little quiet when used with foam earplugs. Not enough to be an issue, though.
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    Skiela, if you end up researching all this stuff let me know what you find. I'm interested in this stuff too (and there are some good threads on bike to bike here, plus adding mp3 / phone / radar/ whatever) unfortunately my tickets, radar, bike repairs, sunglasses (sigh, yes Im still on about that.. $270 to replace!!!!!) plus maybe some new gear pieces is making me think next season. Let me know what you find though. I'm happy to share what little research I've done.


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    I just ordered the Tork Ridemate system from but I think they're backordered so I'm still waiting for it.

    I plan on using it with passenger for communication and sharing an MP3 device. It's supposed to actually lower the volume of the MP3 device once you start talking. I'll let u know once I get it and test it out how it works.

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