For those that know Troy
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    For those that know Troy

    I was cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago and found this old article from my Westwood days (I think this is from 1987).

    The flying "W" in the back is Troy Burstyk (Riding School Instructor, Track Day Organizer Supremo, & General Good-Guy)...

    Troy does ride much better these days.

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    I can hardly wait to hear the excu.... er... COMMENT on this one from Troy...
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    He looked a lot better on the cover of last Thursday's Mission City Record:

    Troy Burstyk races his supermotard around the River’s Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway Park Monday afternoon during Westcoast Superbike School’s Track Daze event.

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    Lol! Busted...
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    Haha...the good old days of the RZ Cup! Troy was frickin fast back then too!.....think he was in the 10's on a proddy Yamaha FZR 600.

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    Tear down the condos and rebuild that track.

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    I remember the environmentalsists fighting the track over and over saying it was unduely disturbing and causing to much stress on the wildlife. Oh man those were great days.

    Wonder how that wildlife is doing now?

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    I used to love going up there to watch the races!

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    I asked Troy once how many times he's crashed. He wasn't sure but said he would guess "Over a hundred". Then added that was pavment crashes. If he counted dirt bike crashes that number would be a lot higher. Crazy bastard.

    Broken neck a few years ago still hasn't slowed him down.....Man of steel!
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    Alas I never got to see Westwood
    I can't see Vancouver ever getting another racetrack now, but I'd be all in favour of Vtwin Vince's idea of flattenning the houses on Westwood and rebuilding the old circuit

    I'm of to the Centenial TT at the Isle of Man next year. Anyone else going?
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    I miss Westwood...........

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