The fun is over...or is it?
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Thread: The fun is over...or is it?

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    The fun is over...or is it?

    Today was my last day of insurance and the weather was pretty nice for my ride up to SFU. I looked at the forecast for the next 5 days and it said sunny through the weekend...damn!...since my sticker on my insurance says OCT you think I should take the chance and go out for a ride even though my papers say it's expired?

    I'm so tempted...but what if? Are the rewards greater than the costs? Or it is the other way around? I don't really want to extend my insurance because I'm getting a student season's pass for Whistler...hey anyone getting a pass as well that wants to head up during the week?
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    Don't do it, I've said it before but a guy who works for us already had a $10,000 guaranishee he just paid off and another $25,000 one started right after. All that because he didn't want to pay off his tickets and insured his car through his friend (ICBC voided his insurance when he got in an accident).

    Not worth it IMO.........

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    the colored sticker at the bottom may say OCT, but dont forget the little number sticker that shows the exact expiry date. Not worth it man, if shit happens and you get in an accident and get sued for a million bucks or so you be screwed for life. Take a day or two permit if you wanna ride that bad.

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    Get a 3 day permit for the weekend, about $75 I think!!

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    so not worthed , don't ride without insurance , I think it's something like 575 $ if you get caught The pavement is pretty cold these days so it's easy to have an accident by yourself and then there's the cagers , don't do it.
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    Don't ride w/o insurance. It just isn't worth the huge potential problems.
    I've already bought two day permits. One more this month and I may as well have insured it for another month.
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