05 R1 Idle problem
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Thread: 05 R1 Idle problem

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    05 R1 Idle problem

    So I've got this little issue... Every so often when I start the start the bike after it's been sitting all night, it starts up fine and I let it run until it warms up a bit. I start riding, and when I stop the revs drop to like 600 RPM... If I rev it up, it revs like it's not getting enough fuel or missing until about 3K and then it's fine... If I turn off the bike and restart it, same problem... If I hold down all three buttons on the PC3USB while I start it, the problem goes away and it's fine for a while... I've had the thing since April, and it's done it 4 times total in 11,000 KM...

    Any ideas? The dynojet guy I talked to said " sounds like there's a problem... but I don't know what it could be."

    Defective PC3? Is the map screwed up somehow? Plugs need to be changed? Bad fuel? Coil pack?

    I thought it might be fuel, since the first and last two times it happened was after using whatever gas station I could find after a longer ride.... But the second time it happened was after riding in town for two weeks and using the same ol' Chevron 94 from the same gas station...

    Any ideas? Thanks again...

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    there has been a recall issued for certian 04-05 yamaha R1, FZ6 and FZ1
    goto your local with your VIN number in hand and they will run it in "DEYS" system and let you know it the recall is on your unit

    the reacll is for the "TPS" sensor..
    if you bike does not have the reacll, then it is something else..
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    If you have stock pipes on your R1 I would consider ditching the PCIII for a while see if that is problem.

    Your plugs should be just fine. They are good for at least 16,000 and probably some more.

    Are your pipes stock?

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    Thanks Bigga, I'll run out tomorrow and check...

    As far as pipes go, Full Termi system...So I don't think I'd want to run it without the PC3, but if all else fails I just might try..

    TPS... That would make sense.... When the one on my Buell went it just ran like shit and backfired all the time...

    Thanks again... We'll find out tomorrow about the recall...

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    If it is the full system with no catalytic converter taking out the PCIII, as you know, would probably make things worse. Hope its a rotten TPS sensor that you can get replaced for free. That would be the best outcome

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    Went to the dealership today... They ordered a new TPS and will try it out next week when it comes in...

    Hope it helps... Thanks guys..

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    Make sure they used the new TPS cover sheet. Lumberg will have your ass.

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    Ya, and they're gonna try to get me to come into work tommorrow.... lol

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