Insurance question on helmets imported from japan
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Thread: Insurance question on helmets imported from japan

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    Insurance question on helmets imported from japan

    I just bought a shoei x-eleven daijiro kato from a ebay-dealer from japan. The helmet has just a Snell M 2005 standard since the DOTT standard isnt reconized in Japan. Is this standard enough for ICBC purposes? Is this helmet legal to wear while riding on the street?

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    None right now...
    Many, many threads on this topic right now. Search is your friend.

    That being said: Current written law in BC lists a number of helmets by make and model that were made in 1987 when the law was written. The law has proven unenforceable in recent years because it's impossible to buy any of the helmets written into the legislation. There is a rumour that there is a "minister's letter" that supercedes the legislation, simplifying the requirement for a helmet to:

    1. Hard outer shell
    2. Soft inner liner
    3. Chin strap

    Unfortunately nobody can produce a copy of that "minister's letter" to confirm the rumour. It seems reasonable to assume that any helmet that has a recognized standard marked on it shouldn't attract any attention on the road from the police. Especially if it's a full-face model, the police are rather focussed on beanies right now.
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