Clutch help please
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Thread: Clutch help please

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    Clutch help please

    When you pull on the clutch lever it pushes on the push rod. The pushrod butts against the centre of the clutch plates. There is a spring at the end of the pushrod. Should the spring be on the rod or at the end? Look at the picture, by the way my lever went limp today.

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    Hydraulic clutch or cable?

    There's a shoulder there so I suspect that it is the return spring for the rod and that suggests to me that it's a hydraulic setup.

    If so are you sure you didn't blow a seal in the hydrualics somewhere?

    And look for a bearing or a ball that the rod pushes against and ensure that all that is also OK.

    For the lever to suddenly go slack on you the cable has to have broken or the hydraulic system failed or the rod broke through something or the cam that pushes on the rod broke or the rod pushed through something that it normally pushes on.
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    Can you repost the picture?

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