importing and bikes trailers
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Thread: importing and bikes trailers

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    importing and bikes trailers

    hey all.

    i know there have been several threads on importing but i just didnt want to thread jack so i just started a new one. question is - if i buy a bike from the US, specifially a bike only for track use, then what are the differences in paper work as compared to a "for street" bike when i bring it over? do any of you guys insure you track bikes? do you need to go through RIV or have any certification for it?

    naother thing is how much would i spend if i put trailer accessories to my mini van? also, can anyone recommend a place who can do it?


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    I put a class III hitch on my minivan (caravan) installed it myself. Got it from Kitts Equipment in Aldergrove. (I believe they can get it installed for you) Cost me about 250 for the hitch and another 60 for the wiring kit (all plug ins). Make sure you get a good quality hitch, one that is going to tuck up high into the framework. I've seen vans with hitches that hang lower and they are darn near scraping the ground when loaded up.

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