Joe rocket Corona Light Textile ????
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Thread: Joe rocket Corona Light Textile ????

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    Joe rocket Corona Light Textile ????

    Ok, so I'm thinking of getting a textile jacket. Like the look of the Corona light Textile. But I am wondering if anyone out there has one, or has had one ,and what they thought of it. Is it: too hot? too cold? or if you think that leather is generally better?
    I am looking for a Jacket for warm weather 30 deg.+. with some yellow on it to remain glairingly conspicuous.
    Please post any views on the subject, but keep all your sales pitches for the assc. forum.
    Thanks Gord.

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    Leather generally is a bit cooler to ride in than kevlar although if you have enough vents in the jacket both should be okay.

    Last year I rode exclusively in leather, sold the leather in the spring & bought just kevlar & rode in that. Either is going to be hot but if you can take a bit of heat then you should be okay with either one (with lots of venting, that is).

    Have you thought of buying a leather jacket with some yellow on it (or orange to match your bike?)
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