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    I rode up Seymour this evening and saw 3 people booking it down the mountain on longboards wearing full leathers and helmets. I knew people did that but it's the first time I saw it.. really cool. But htf do they slow down and stop? Burning a hole in their foot??
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    Hello BCSB!

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    i bet they were on these

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    Man that board looks hot!

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    I saw a bunch (like ten) on cypress early this week as well...looks fucking scary as hell!
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    Here's the type of boards they use:

    The full out racers wear full riding gear cause they get up to 110kph. And yes; you DO have to burn a hole in your foot to stop. The body shape keeps the board extremely stable at high speeds and makes it more difficult for the board to speed wobble. Another thing people use are leather work gloves with cutting boards melted, or screwed, to them. You plant your hands behind you, and slide on the cutting boards, and turn the board perpendicular to the road (like stopping a snowboard). Anyways, here's my board:
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    there are some serious hardcore longboarders around here. in the wee hours they take over the seawall and some of the steeper streets to go wild. I know a couple of em and they are a cool group but a little unstable.

    they post their stuff at www.coastlongboarding.com

    You should see some of the accidents these guys get themselves into.
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