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    Superman joke

    It's a Saturday night and Superman is bored, his bikes in the shop and
    he feels like goin out on the town. He calls up his buddy Spiderman.
    "Hey Spidey, whatta ya say we go out and pick up some chicks?"
    "Nah, I can't tonight, the Spidey Bike keeps foulin' plugs. I gotta
    get it fixed for the big ride tomorrow"
    So Superman calls up his friend Aquaman.
    "Aquaman, what's up? Wanna go out and party tonight? I got a wad of
    dough, I'm buyin'"
    "Sorry Superman, I'd love too, but I'm werkin' on the snorkel for the
    Aqua Bike, goin on a Grouper run tomorrow"
    Superman calls the Hulk, he's puttin' on new shocks (hulk goes thru
    lot's of shocks). Same answer.
    Sadly, Superman hangs up the phone. Superman needs to learn how to
    wrench on his own bike like his buds.
    "I'll just hit the town on my own" He says out loud to himself.
    Superman flys out the window, circles his pad and soars off into the
    "I think I'll fly by Wonder Womans apartment, see what she is up to"
    So our caped friend flys by the ladys home and looks in the window,
    which is wide open and lo! There is Wonder Woman lying buck nekkid,
    spread eagled on her bed!! What luck!!
    "I bet, with my super speed I could zoom into her room, nail her, and
    zoom out before she knew I was even there"
    So he does. flys out.
    "What the hell was that?" says wonder woman
    "I don't know", says The Invisible Man "But my asshole suddenly hurts like

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    I've heard this before, but it's still pretty fuckin' funny.
    Good on ya!
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