motorcycle quilt a success!
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Thread: motorcycle quilt a success!

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    motorcycle quilt a success!

    I have great news about my quilt!

    Remember the Rossi Quilt (QUILT, NOT QUIT!) that I made? if not, see the pictures in my photo album


    If you live on the north shore and can find a the Sept/Oct addition of the ARTS ALIVE magazine (they are free, usually found in starbucks/coffee shops, framing stores, waiting rooms everywhere etc) you can see it on the last two pages! It looks like a painting in the picture, but really it is a collage of different fabrics sewn together. IM PUBLISHED! hahaha

    I should however mention that i am a graduate of the Textile Art program at Cap College, NOT a graduate of Emily Carr as the article states...

    If you want to see the quilt in person it will be in the 8th annual Lionsgate Quilters Guild's Album of Quilts in North Vancouver at the Lucas Centre on Sept 15,16, and 17
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    Wow!! thats is awsome Congrats!!! post up the article if you can.
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    ... I avoided Emily Carr (ECCAD). Cap College is the best!

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    I remember that thing. . .last year or somethin. Wheres a picture???
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