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    What I Hate...

    What I hate,

    • Shit-for-brains losers that are thieves
    • But mostly the person(s) who stole my bike
    • People that have no fucking respect
    • Shitty drivers
    • People that litter
    • Most people that drive anything but a motorbike, and a fair bit of those as well
    • Cops that set up a radar trap in an area where they know everyone does 10-20 over at the end of the month just to make their quota
    • Stupid people
    • Wanna-be-gangsters that are pussies by themselves but real fucking tough with ten other losers backing them up
    • Morons that think loud pipes save lives
    • Morons that complain about city noise but move there nevertheless
    • Assholes that buy stolen shit
    • Assholes that sell stolen shit
    • Fat ugly and sweaty people that crowd my space in public
    • Retards that think they know everything
    • People that talk behind other peoples backs negatively
    • People that stab other people in the back
    • People that stand on the corner begging for money with a sign that says “need food traveling,” and then you see them with their friends at the PNE
    • Lazy pieces of shit that don’t work for a living
    • Rich people that think they are better then you because they where born into money
    • Fake tits
    • Skinny asses
    • Strippers that don’t put out
    • Drivers that get jealous that you get to go to the front because it is your right as a motorcyclist
    • Anyone who fucking dares to honk at me
    • Anyone else who dares get road rage with me
    • Inbred dumb fucks
    • People that spend their days blowing shit up with bombs
    • People that spent their days thinking up foreign policy that pisses off the people that make bombs
    • People on a power trip
    • All the people that are so stupid they think that their SUV is doing the world good, or at least not doing it any harm
    • People that have kids and are worthless pieces of shit and have them taken away by the government or cause their children suffering
    • Cowards that think they are tough so they hit a women instead of having enough strength to walk away
    • Fucktards that think “it’s no big deal, insurance will cover it, what are you so pissed about?”
    • Close talkers
    • People that mumble
    • Dirty old men
    • Dirty old women
    • Squirrels that run back and forth in front of you on the road instead of just running across the road.
    • Anyone I see around my house after dark
    • People that take big fucking craps right in front of me when they know all I have to do is take a piss
    • People that speed down my street
    • People that are useless
    • People that have anything negative to say about this thread

    And the list goes on….people can add to it if they want to but please try to keep it dirty…
    “……If a chick sits on your face and you can't hear the stereo anymore...she's too fat! --The Machinist.

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    smelly feet.
    BO in general
    weekend work
    people who commit then cancel out on you at the last minute
    Spitting when they should swallow

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    near your house
    it's big
    people who think they're smart and intelligent but really they're fuckin stupid....
    fuckers who raise our taxes so they can feed the lazy and support their drug addiction
    faggot weddings
    yes,people who stands in intersection begging for money but they have better shoes than i do
    child molosters,pornography
    people who kiss ass
    old strippers who wears too much make up
    bitches who smoke thinking they're cool
    ebay fuckers who sell items cheap but jack up the shipping....fucks!
    dog fuckers
    dog owners who dont pick up their dog's shit and leave it on someone's lawn
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    I got a gun ...
    people who pick a fight then call police
    faith in book, rather than the almighty
    oh and NDP

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    I hate it when they put cheap ketchup in a Heinz bottle at a restaurant.

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    I hate not have a bike
    wife beaters (oh yeah the shirt too)
    A bad day of riding is, still better than a good day of work.

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    people that can't/ won't change a ass wipe roll .

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    Big Stick

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    GSX-R750, 2001 F4i, 2002 RM-9 Posts:1,000,012!!
    I hate people that read the huge format Vancouver Sun newspaper on the skytrain when it's packed.
    Team Troll
    "Happy New Ear!" - Mike Tyson.

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    1) VD
    2) Any one who has been involved in an infomercial...or almost any commercial for that matter
    3) Drug addict pan handlers
    4) and motorcyclist’s that have learner permits and ride brand new 600, 750, 1000 when really the largest bike they should have is a 250
    G.B. Shaw: We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future
    Miguel Ruiz: Death is not the biggest fear we have our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive and express what we really are

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    fucking 40k suv's without the slightest scratch that have never seen dirt and never will. why the fuck buy it if you are not going to use it? fuck people are stupid fucking lemmings. buy a goddamn sports car for christ's sake

    -cab drivers
    -sales idiot at the brick
    -fast food, fu mc d's, wendys, et al
    -yaletown and the fucktards that pay $800 for a pair of jeans
    -fucking idiots that don't use signal lights.
    -cell phones
    -chicks who dress like whores yet act as though i'm a perve for checkin' out the goods.
    -fucking idiot pedestrians that walk long after the walk light is amber thusly not letting turning traffic through.
    -retards that walk out onto the street without even looking, good luck with that habit fuckheads.
    -not being able to use my work van to mow down abovepedestrians.
    -the hijacking of democracy by special interest lobbies.


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    mindless metro and 24 hrs "newspapers" handed out daily free to people. i wouldn't wipe my as with those rags.

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    Men with outrageous BO. Now, if the guy is standing in the checkout line at the market at the end of the day and clearly just got finished painting a house I can live with it, but for the rest? C'mon!

    As I get older, I care less about what other people think of me. I will literally tell a complete stranger "Hey, buddy.............you STINK"

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    Quote Originally Posted by radmtnbkr View Post


    Why suits? You hate wearing them, or you hate men in suits, women in suits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove View Post
    Why suits? You hate wearing them, or you hate men in suits, women in suits?
    I am guessing that is the old "fight the power, the MAN is keeping me down" not suits as such, but ... what the suit implies I suppose.

    a huge generalization just by the by


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