cost of helmet?
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Thread: cost of helmet?

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    cost of helmet?

    does anyone know how much a HJC AC-10 King Mingus helmet should cost? or if thats even a good helmet?

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    i got mine for 400 with tax in. It's a really good helmet for the price. It's comfy for me, i had an Arai Quantum e before that. The venting in it is good, and the liner comes out to allow for washing. The only complaints i have about it is the little fit and finish details, the decals are not exactly symetrical and a vent is not glued on perfectly straight. Also the visor rubs the helmet when open, close to make a small scuff throught the paint. But those are very minor things that don't even bother me. The visors are really easy to change (going from tinted to clear). On the colder days, the wind gets to my chin a bit more and i didnt like it with the chin curtain.

    i think it's one of the lighter helmet as well

    overall a great value.

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    hey thanks for the info man..

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