thanks for all the riders on sea to sky today
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Thread: thanks for all the riders on sea to sky today

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    thanks for all the riders on sea to sky today

    ... who did the "cops" sign . Not that we were speeding or anything; too much traffic.

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    and what exactally is the "Cops Sign" ????

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    Well, there is a few.

    But its to let other rides know that the police are ahead.


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    Tapping the top of your helmet

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    There are two ways you can signal that Cops are ahead. You can signal for the rider to 'slow down' by using the motion you would to pat a dog. Hand open, palm facing downward moving straight up and down. Slow Down.

    And then there's sticking your index finger up in the air and making a circular motion the same way a siren spins. I think it's the same signal for a 'DDT', for those of you who watched wrestling in the 80's. You's the move when you headlock the opponent in front of you and fall backwards taking your opponent's forhead to the ground with you! That always got the crowd cheering!
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