My Season Ended Early
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    My Season Ended Early

    Well folks, unfortunatly my riding season has come to an end a bit early this year. I was involved in a Hit and Run, on Sept 6th along River Rd in Delta just past Surry Fraser docks. Still in awe that a person could drive away from another person hit on a motorbike. I do send out great thanks to the lady that came out to see if I was alright. Aswell as the paramedics for there qiuck response.

    One big complaint I have is Surrey Memorial Hospital. I now understand why so many people complain about our Health Care System. Personally I think I could have got better treatment from the first aid girl at work.

    Unfortunatly last I was informed the police have not found the car involved, but hopefully it will turn up somewhere.

    As for riding ..... See Ya'll Next Yr

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    good to hear you're still here to type about it

    any crash you walk away from...
    nobody gets out alive

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    Sorry to hear about the accident man. Could have been a lot worse, all things considered. I hope they find the prick that ran away like a coward.
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    They've gotta develop some sort of morality test to administer at birth/immigration/ No morals, they ship you out to the states.

    Glad to hear you're alright. The ONLY time I'm not going to stop is if I accidentally back into a row of HA bikes in front of a grow-house
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    Canadian healthcare system is not about profit, therefore, the culture the mentality of providing excellent service is just not there. It's really too bad considering we live in such a great country with rich life style. Yet we cannot receive the most important healthcare services as the basics of living.

    There's gotta be witnesses that got the license plate of the hit and run vehicle. But you know what they say about Karma!

    Hope you will heal soon and get back on the 2 wheels!

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    Glad it was only your season that ended early!
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    Sorry to hear about the hit and run but glad to hear you're ok. Enjoy the off season.
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    One big complaint I have is Surrey Memorial Hospital. I now understand why so many people complain about our Health Care System.
    Having been formerly a manager and a recent patient there, couldn't agree with you more.

    Sorry to hear about the end to the season.
    When will I find a hobby that my mother approves of?

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    Yeah, it sucks when life spits on you like this but you're still here and I'm guessing that you don't have any major hurts since you didn't say anything about them so it's all good.

    At least you get the joy of obsessing about the next bike choice now....
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    Hey, you're still alive and that's what counts most.
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    sorry to hear about that

    that coward that ran away will get whats coming to him

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    near your house
    it's big
    i go that way everyday,busy in the mornin...sorry to hear bout your accident and hope they catch the driver....

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