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    MS Access / VB script help...

    I have a really simple MS Access XP form that has a bunch of text field and a date field called last_updated.

    I would like to write an event that updates the last_updated to the current date when any of the other text fields are changed.

    I have chosen to use the event -> Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()

    but am not at all familiar with VBScript to fill in the remaining details to set the last_updated field to the current date. Can anyone help?
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    What you are doing isn't too difficult. I do have a couple of questions that will help answer. You can also PM me and we can take this offline as well.

    The tables you are using are in the Access database and not imported or linked?

    The objects are bound to fields in your tables, especially your date?

    Are you able to do an Update method as is?

    If you try something like:

    Text2.Text = Now

    Add that to your update event and it should work.

    I would not put this in the Form_AfterUpdate event. Since it will set the date after you've updated the record.

    Hope this helps, if not then send me a PM and I'll see if I can help.
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