Crash on Granville last night? you on here?
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Thread: Crash on Granville last night? you on here?

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    Crash on Granville last night? you on here?

    saw a few bikers on the the granville bridge, 2 ambulance

    last night (Oct 12)

    you on here riders? everything ok?

    sorry normally i would be more descriptive, but im tired
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    I wonder why there has been a sudden rash of crashes lately? The crashes usually pick up around this time because the cold weather never lets the tyres warm up. Everything else on the road surface is also slipperier so everyone be careful, especially new riders. Once you've had a stupid crash due to cold weather you'll do everything never to crash in such a stupid way again.

    For example: Sewman insures his bike for 1 day in November because the weather is crisp and sunny. He rides all day long and doesn't stop visiting friends. Nightfall comes and he takes off, riding as he normally would. He scoots over a slipper painted line, the exact lines that his motorcycle lessons told him to be careful of. The frost helps solidify the deal and Sewman crashes - just like his motorcycle lessons had taught him if he rides in frost. The bike makes sparklies as it slides on the muffler and brake lever.
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    frost will always catch you out.

    And right now is a primetime for that. Be wary of early mornings and evenings, and painted/metal surfaces particulary in the shade.

    I doubt frost had anything to do with Granville Bridge tho, Although bridges do frost over Fast, it was probably caused more by have-a-go heroes on sportbikes doing their thing.

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