Triumph Daytona 675
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Thread: Triumph Daytona 675

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    Triumph Daytona 675

    How is this bike?
    anybody know?

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    2006 motorcycle of the year according to Motor Cyclist.
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    I think I saw a review of it on driving television as well. Pretty good all around from what it sounds and plenty of mid range torque.

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    I test road this bike on a Triumph Demo day on the Columbia River Gorge.

    What a bike, incredible torque for a 657cc motor.

    Actually fairly spacious for a 600.

    I'd buy one if I was looking for another bike, although I make the bike look tiny with my large stature.

    Simply amazing !!

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    Love it!
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    All the press seem to like it. Good for Triumph for saying 'screw the 600 cc cap, we aren't going racing' and doing their own thing with a triple and 675cc.

    Apparently the sound of the engine and exhaust note is supposed to be intoxicating. I considered the charcaol grey one, but with only one left to come to Western Powersports, they just weren't willing to deal, so I got my GSX-R750 for $2000 less than the Triumph. That's alright though, I LOVE my Gixxer! It too has won some 'best sportbike' nods this year and it's like a 600 on steroids.
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    All I can say is theres nothing like a triple! Sweet motor in that thing, pulls way harder through the midrange than any 600 and has enough top end to hit warp factors.

    Would make an awesome race bike!

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    WHY, god speed has it right ,good for you another happy gixxer owner. those who RIDE them know.

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