Fork oil around one of the forks & speedo light
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Thread: Fork oil around one of the forks & speedo light

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    Fork oil around one of the forks & speedo light

    I notice one of my forks have fork oil around it. What might be the cause of this? Is it a significant problem?

    Also, is it easy to get my speedo light replaced? Looks like one of my bulbs died out on me. It's not a big issue though.

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    Forks probably just need new seals installed. Not a home job if you have no way of suspending the front end. Speedo light no idea.
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    You do need to get the fork fixed soon.

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    Even if you don't have the tools to do the fork seal replacement yourself you can save a lot of money if you have the place and tools to remove the fork leg and take it in on it's own. Put the bike on it's centerstand and either jack under the front of the frame to lift up the front end or use a ratcheting style of tie down to lift the front end off the ground. Pull off the caliper, and pull out the front axle to drop the wheel. Then remove the front fender and loosen the pinch bolts on the two triple clamps and the clipon if you have them instead of regular bars. This will loosen the fork leg and you can just take that in for a seal replacement. You'll save a HEAP on labour and learn some stuff about your bike.

    For the instrument light you can pull off the front headlight fairing while you've gone this far and see if you can access the light bulbs from the rear.
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