Air Filter Recommendation?
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Thread: Air Filter Recommendation?

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    Air Filter Recommendation?

    Time to replace a few things on my bike and the air filter is one. The Honda OEM filter is $76, or I can get a K&N for $69. Seems like a no-brainer, but the Honda filter might be a better product (though not reusable).

    If the K&N lets more air through, does that mean that it filters less? Anybody know what these two filters are like? Does it really matter?
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    go with K&N i did with my F4i and it made a difference!!! plus you don't have to change the filter as much and it is cheaper to clean and re-oil the K&N.
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    I'd go with a K&N. Keep in mind that with the K&N, you will get more air flow, and to reap the benefits of that, you'll probably need to tune your bike (Power Commander). The cumputer will not be able to compensate for the additional air coming through the intakes. And NO, the K&N does not filter less, it just allows the bike to breathe better than it would through an traditional paper filter.
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    I've read a few things that suggest K&N filters don't perform quite as well as the stocker, but with the price of the Honda OEM, I'd go for something reuseable. My bike doesn't have any problems that I can blame on the air filter, and the K&N has been in there for 10yrs and ~160,000+ km.
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    If you do enough research, you'll learn that K&N filters let through several times as much dirt as the OEM filters. That may or may not be significant, depending on how many km you will be doing, riding conditions, etc.

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