Things to do in Prince George
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Thread: Things to do in Prince George

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    Things to do in Prince George

    So im in Prince George for a week on work, wondering if anyone had tips and funs stuff to do/see. Going to terrace for a week after as well, so feel free to include ideas for then. So far im gonna check out the Y for some basketball, mabye see a hockey game on Friday. Where do all the University age students go to party on saturday??

    thanks in advance


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    Rum Jungle & The Generator are for the weekends. I think the Rum Jungle is the place to be right now (it goes back and forth year to year). On Monday? (buck-a-beer) and Thursday (student night) you could go to the Iron Horse, although I thought I heard its no longer called that?
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    Ummm... don't you mean the 'Penetrator?'

    There's also Sgt. O'Flagherty's (sp?) if it's still there... otherwise, we used to hit up the liquor store, and just drink in our dorms!

    Oh, and there's also the drugs... Hmmm... maybe that's the reason why I don't remember that year...
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    I here there are some good cock fights in that part of the country or you can just put up your feet grab a beer and watch your toenails grow.
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    Be careful on your drive to Terrace. There's looooonnnnggg stretches of no civilization and the animals are all over the highway. Last year I hit a bird (felt really bad and slowed down), then a squirrel (and sped up because I figured I just couldn't win either way) and then a flock of deer greeted me on a long straight stretch of road... watched me comin' for about 3 kms and didn't move. The road is more like a clearing for animals to meet.
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    the first thing i would do is "plug your nose"
    that town stinks something fierce. i hate it there

    and i've been the the generator, i went last may. its a bad bar but i've been to far worse haha

    trashy chicks FTW!!

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    I've heard the sweet young things love to go to the Cadillac Ranch.

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    you can fuck some big fat ugly inbred fat chick....I dunno, just an idea...
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    Is Joe`s Place still open. You could always go there.........................and catch a disease.
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    If you can get someone to take you out fishing, Too Much Lakes is a good spot this time of year. Or you could go hiking, Sugar Bowl or Raven. As for night entertainment I use to work at The Munk, that was a long time ago, I am sure the bars have changed since, we always use to go to the Ironhorse pub, good food at JJ's pub. Or you could loose some money at the casino. Forest for the Worlds is a leisurely hike. As for Terrace, good fishing, great in Kitimat but other than that, not much there. Everyone in PG has a quad if you can make fast friends you could always go exploring on someone's extra ATV...good luck
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    prince george is boring. i went up there for school for 2 years. all i did was smoke too much weed, drink too many beers at the iron horse, and occaisionally study. yeah, it sucks

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    King AK
    get a hooker

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    I rode straight through Prince George...once . Reminded me of a Burnaby in the middle of no mans land....I enjoyed Vanderhoof more.

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    I grew up (teenage years) in PG and had a great time. Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, fast cars and boats. Should have died a few times but hell what a blast we had. Left in 87 and have only been back twice for quick visits. It's changed for sure but I suspect there are still some good times to be had if you look around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barking pumpkin View Post
    I rode straight through Prince George...once . Reminded me of a Burnaby in the middle of no mans land....I enjoyed Vanderhoof more.
    hehehe vanderhoof. i know people from there. all of them are alcoholics too

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