Classic Laptop + 2 PCMCIA cards
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Thread: Classic Laptop + 2 PCMCIA cards

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    Classic Laptop + 2 PCMCIA cards

    *** SOLD ***

    Hi all, I have the following for sale:
    I am setting the price based on the cards and throwing in the laptop free.

    Toshiba Satellite Pro 420CDT Laptop, 1996 model.
    CPU: Pentium 90 MHz
    40MB RAM
    1.5 GB HD
    2 x PCMCIA slots
    1 x Serial port
    1 x Parallel port (printer)
    1 x VGA out
    1 x IR port
    CD Rom drive.

    Great little machine for MS Office, checking emails (Outlook) and synching between office and home. I would also work on some websites here. And my wife and I would play some basic games on the ferry (pocket tanks).

    Includes 2 cards to get you online -
    LinkSys PCM100 10/100 Etherfast NIC (Retails for about $30) and 3Com / USR 56K Modem (V.90) Model 3056 (Retails for about $60). Both are hardly used.

    Battery lasts about 50 mins once charged.

    $45 OBO - Please make an offer.
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