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    My YZF-600R ...

    ... needs new tires. The shop that I've got it stored at winterized the bike and did their overall accessment. Tires are down to the minimum, and I knew last season that I was on my last rides with them.

    Now, the problem is I'm only in my 2nd year of riding and my tire knowledge (with regards to bikes) is limited. I've currently got BattleAxe's on now, and they were great and responsive. I don't do track days or racing. I'm a city/highway rider and am torn between what I've been happy with vs. what else is available. Additionally, I don't want to go bananas financially, and would rather hold out until the January motorcycle show to buy in on a tire deal there.

    Comments, suggestions and a little direction would be appreciated....

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    Get Pirelli Diablos if they are available in the size you need.

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    This is the right time to buy tires. Many of the shops are clearing out their left overs rather than hold them all winter. Get a set and store them to next spring and have them changed once you get the bike out on the road.

    Store them in a cool place sealed in dark garbage bags.

    I'd look around and then if the shop where your bike is isn't the low price or near enough to it then get 'em elsewhere. With all winter to work on it you could likely arrange for a cheaper installation price to boot. Talk with them. Winter is all about just keeping the shop working and labour discounts are often possible. Don't expect give away prices but you can expect to save a few bucks at least.
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    I have a 600r as well and I put BT014's on it this time. Little stiffer rubber but you can get more km's out of them. I to sport/tour 90% of the time so no sense going with 012's this time. Longevity vs track stickiness. Its your choice. When was the last time you were dragging a knee lol.
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