My little WOA for Newbies.
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Thread: My little WOA for Newbies.

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    My little WOA for Newbies.

    Not to scare any newbies or anything, but after hearing so many new riders go down unnecessarily it erks me to no end that some think just cuz they have the same bike as the next guy that they can keep up. Skill takes time, it is not something can achieve in a week or two, or even months or even years for that matter.

    My Words of Advice are:

    The way I improved my riding were/are:

    - find a stretch of road with some twisties/straights

    - ride it several times, going the speed limit or slower, in both directions, get to KNOW the road

    - AFTER you KNOW the road and all it's little bumps, dips and curves

    - then each time you ride it go a little faster each time, some curves you will become familiar with sooner than others. This DOES NOT mean you have to go faster each time, you may have to do it the same speed several times over before you feel comfortable enough

    - you may have to go back to a slower speed

    - I don't mean ride over and over right after the other but like once or twice a week

    - this I found I got to know how my bike does in certain types of corners

    - and on unfamiliar roads I DO NOT go very fast, as I do not know where the road will go next or what condition it is in

    - instead of trying to keep up, I watched to see HOW they went through the corner, when did they brake, when did they accelerate, what was their line, what was their body posture

    - I did not replicate them like a shadow, I just observed (studied) how they rode

    - then on my own time, I tried the techniques a little at a time as I felt comfortable with them

    - it's all about how well you know your bike performs/handles and how you feel comfortable (another words, you don't get that, "OH S!*@ feeling)

    As this is my 3rd year being on a bike, I am still aquiring the knowledge and skill it takes to ride on two. I am not trying to brag here, but some can attest to the fact that I can do some corners almost as fast as the bigger bikes can. So just because you have a bike that can perform it does not meen it does it automatically. You have to know your bike and how it behaves. Slow down and enjoy the thrill of just being on a bike, you have years ahead of you to become a good rider

    Any of the expierenced riders agree/disagree with any of the above notes? Your WOA's are greatly appreciated. As you can never stop learning.

    Thanks, and ride smart!

    R.I.P Bog and Julia. R.I.P. Cody

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    Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"


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    Hells yah! I agree with the bottom about getting to know your bike. I'll be honest, this TLS scares the shit outa me. If I had my old ZX-6E around I'd be able to ride circles around myself if I were on the TLS. Definitely takes time to get to know the bike.
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    hell yah

    on a side note, if its not somthing you get after 'years' uhm.. when do you get it?

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    A BIG Hell Yeah.....
    Those are wise words comin from a guy who has a squirell jumping around in his crotch

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    Definately the way to do it! I'm guilty of riding a little too hard on unfamiliar roads. All it takes is one unexpected turn of events and your down

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    Hell YEAH! nothing could train better than real experience...

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    Oh all right..... HELL YEAH.

    Good words of wisdom Bean. I've ridden bikes for almost 30 years and had more than one of those Oh S&%@ episodes. I also raced a sedan back in the 70's and just this year did my novice motorcycle road racing course. In each case what you describe is just how I learn and move up.

    Especially during my track days this year. I'd pick on someone that was just a little faster than me and used them as a guide for what COULD be accomplished and then try to emulate them over the next couple of laps. It works very well.

    Ya gotta ride your OWN ride, not someone elses.
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    Hell yeah.
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    HELL YEAH!!!
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    Hell YeahRight on Bean.

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    I would like to say a few things here on the riding subject. 1st and foremost GET A DIRT BIKE, and ride it... ALOT!, and not just on the trails. Go to a track, there are a few around,and don't just go out to try jumps, there are none on the street and if u have never done them before u will get hurt. 2nd practice sliding the bike, iether under power or breaking, but make sure u slide it, it will help u on the street more than u could imagine. #3rd go out on the dirt, pull the front brake hard enough so the front wheel locks, gas it and try to control the bike. This is one of the best riding technics u can practice for the street, it will save ur ass. 4th learn how to use a clutch for other that changing gears, use it to control ur power ur breaking and ur turning. 5th, the back break is not just a break it can also help u stear the bike. If u go in to a corner, and the corner gets tighter( u all no those corner I am talking about) and u find ur self going wide, eas the rear brake, don't nail the break, do it very gently, and the bikes line will get tighter. These are just a few of the things that will make u a very smooth well prepaired rider. SO GO OUT AND GET A DIRT BIKE, all the best riders and racers have a dirt back ground, and it's alot of fun.

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    Hey Bean,

    don't forget the few times you wiped out becasue you didn't follow your own advice! Don't forget that wipe on those tracks by glover and Langley By Pass, that was the one that sent you through the air like a flying gumby for maybe more than 20 feet!

    Ps. Also you should add in the advice to your above wisdom that one should never forget to put down their kickstand before dis-mounting a bike. OUCH THAT HURTS

    Don't worry Blaine, I won't tell any more of your secrets!

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    HELL YEAH!!!

    p.s. good advice jumby

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    Well said, Bean!

    Also use common sense and trust your gut feeling. If you feel you should slow down, follow your instinct. If you can't wait to give that throttle a little more twist, do it on a flat straight that you are already familiar.

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