Newbie installing exhaust..
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Thread: Newbie installing exhaust..

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    Newbie installing exhaust..

    So i get this D&D full system off ebay and then try to install it. 25 cuts, bruses and scrapes later i finnaly get it all bolted together . Starter Up...
    o shit.. theres a nice pop and fart coming from the headers.. i smell exhaust. I take a look at the manual after i install shit! i forgot new exhaust gaskets (there wasn't any in the box )

    So anyway were can i find an exhaust gasket set for a 99 cbr600f4?
    Also any extra tips for when installing full exhaust systems?
    I plan to jet the bike in the future is it easy to do or should i take it in?
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    I assume that you are looking for the four gaskets at the head itself? You can get them from your local Honda dealership. You should call first before you head in to make sure they have them in stock.

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    if you're a newb, take it in to get it jetted... I rebuilt a single carb just to get it cleaned and I dont think I would like to tinker with a carb ever again... let alone jetting one

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    If you found just changing the exhaust to be this life threatening an experience then you'll be wanting to take the jet kit in for the install.

    Also it's not uncommon for the jetting to require a tweak or two. We're down here at sea level but a lot of the jet kits are set up for a 1000 to 1500 feet above. Makes a noticable difference being this much deeper in the "soup" and the jetting needs to take that into account to do it's best job.

    And there's a few delicate parts in the carbs that need to be treated with care and the right handling. Mess any of those up and you're in for a rather expensive repair bill.

    PS: some exhaust gaskets are solid copper. If your's are you can anneal them by heating them red hot with a propane torch and dropping them into water. This makes them soft enough to reuse provided they are not badly crush distorted from the first use. But if your bike uses the crushable type then get new ones.
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