Crosspost..$10G REWARD for missing van/trailer/racebikes.. Las Vegas area
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Thread: Crosspost..$10G REWARD for missing van/trailer/racebikes.. Las Vegas area

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    Crosspost..$10G REWARD for missing van/trailer/racebikes.. Las Vegas area

    Crossposted from another list I'm on.....

    ent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 9:48 AM
    Subject: [RVK9] $10,000 REWARD for missing van/trailer - Vegas, LA,, Phoenix?

    <......I'm writing because a member suggested
    that this list might be able to help us recover our stolen van and
    trailer. Thankfully, there were no dogs in it -- but it did have six
    (unisured) Gran Prix motorcycles, and we want them back!

    It was stolen late last Monday night (9/18) from a hotel lot in Las
    Vegas. There is a good chance it is still in Vegas, BUT it may
    possibly be headed west or south.
    PLEASE be on the watch for the following:

    VAN: 2001 Ford E-350 extra-long (15 passenger) window van, all
    white, with Washington plate 278 SHV,
    TRAILER: 20' Wells Cargo box trailer, WA license 9464SC, white
    with "Bruce Lind Racing" in black on both sides.
    Also has a/c unit (looks like a little box) and RV vent on top, dual
    swing doors on back (not a ramp door), white box on front

    We've collected $10,000 for a reward for return of the six Gran Prix
    roadracing motorcycles, parts and equipment. For contact
    information, a more detailed description, and pictures, please see
    the Reward Poster at:

    The poster also lists another website,
    which has detailed bike descriptions, VINS, etc.

    Our van was being driven by a racer friend who is Japanese. He had
    just picked up a Japanese friend after the race in California, and
    they were headed for the race in Ohio this weekend. So his friend
    had arrived in the US for the first time on Sunday, was in his
    country for 24 hours, and had his passport, clothes, laptop, and
    cell phone all stolen when they stopped in Las Vegas at the
    Stratosphere for 45 minutes. What an introduction to this county!
    Then his friend's partner and her five-year old son arrived,
    ticketed to join them in Ohio, but, of course, are instead in Las
    Vegas with them now. (And, unfortunately, all the clothes for her
    and her son were also in the van.)

    At least they have now seen how friendly and helpful most Americans
    really are, and we appreciate everyone in the city who has offered
    to help put posters out, take them shopping for clothes, and so on.
    We REALLY hope when the thieves opened the trailer up and saw the
    bikes were NOT the "supersport" type bikes that they could "chop"
    and sell, but instead very specialized two-stroke racing machines
    that can't be used for the street, they may just abandon the whole
    trailer somewhere, just to get it out of their possession.

    We are still in shock that everything is gone. We are hopeful that
    it is still in the area, just parked somewhere, and we just need
    enough people watching for it!

    Please feel free to cross-post!

    Thank you -
    Edie & Bruce Lind
    Danelind Great Danes, LLC >
    RIP Julia, our shining light

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    you can follow the original post on usgpru to read the latest updates

    I hope they find the bikes, it's gonna be real hard for those thieves to sell that stuff without getting noticed.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    the trailer with the bikes was found last night. the van is still missing.

    Trailer with bikes still inside recovered last night in Vegas!

    The White Ford Diesel extended window Van is still MIA.

    Inside the van was Nobi-Iso's leathers, helmets and gear as well as ten of the std plastic storage boxes and three large rubbermaid storage containers full of parts.

    And a mid size Rubbermaid container with a complete TZ125 engine assembly in it.

    When taken last week, the van had Washington plate 278 SHV on it.

    The members of the Bruce Lind Racing Traveling Circus would like to thank everyone who helped. Especially Gary and Jeff in Vegas.

    See everyone at Miller now that we have something to ride again.
    BCSB- Moderator

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