Fender Elimination Kit for GSXR1000 K6
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Thread: Fender Elimination Kit for GSXR1000 K6

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    Fender Elimination Kit for GSXR1000 K6

    Hi there,

    I jsut got a fender elimination kit that came with a small LED light for the plate. It is really small and I dont think it lites up the plate enough to be legal.

    My question would be has anybody that has a kit on bothered to hook up a light? If not have they had any problems with the police regarding this at all?

    All input is appreciated.

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    when i got my Gixxer i just unbolted the fender and the brake light became the new plate light. presently my plate resides on the back of my jacket as i recently bout new bodywork and undertail for my bke and have no plate mount until the new swingarm goes on.
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