Name that Olympic Marathon Runner
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Thread: Name that Olympic Marathon Runner

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    Name that Olympic Marathon Runner

    A friend of mine is doing a presentation on inspiration and he is looking for the name of a specific Olympic Marathon.

    Can't remember which Summer Olympic he was in but he fell and was thought to have dropped out. Just before the stadium was finishing the final event of the night, news of him approaching the stadium was announced. He was bleeding and battered but completed the run in true Olympic spirit.

    The stadium cheered him when he entered and watched as he painfully hobbled to the finish line.

    All I remember about the runner was he was from an African country. I've done a search on Google and haven't turned up anything. If you can remember his name or which game it was I'd appreciate it.

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    i'll pull some strings on another forums, i'll let u know.
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    I remember that.....He finished last just before time was running out for the event...I think he was from europe....I remember the TV covering his friends who were still in the might not be the olympics...might have been a
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