CB400 for sale- good CHEAP learner bike
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Thread: CB400 for sale- good CHEAP learner bike

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    CB400 for sale- good CHEAP learner bike

    Hey. I got a 78' CB400T Hawk for sale. In very good overall shape, looks great, has crash bars with highway pegs, brand new windshield, new grips, LOTS of rubber left, lots of chain life left. starts very easy, comfortable and very easy to ride. just under 32th. km. everething works, no electrical problems.....basically all you need to learn to ride for cheap. a bike that you wouldnt cry over if you drop it( and theres no faering to damage) comes with a spare tank(black), the bike is red.
    Asking 1050$

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    do you got any pics?? im interested..thanks

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    I have one pic of MY bike( a bit old, before i re-covered the front part of the seat and it still has the old plexi-faering on the pic, now it has a small windshield) what's your email adress? the picture doesnt show the bike too good and i got a pic of a bike almost like it( except for few details)

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