Kawasaki v750 vs Honda 599
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Thread: Kawasaki v750 vs Honda 599

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    Kawasaki v750 vs Honda 599

    Are these good bikes for beginners?

    Which is better one and why?

    Thanks for your input.

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    I love the 599...don't know much about the Kawi.

    I understand that the 599 is huge in Europe but the naked style is yet to really catch on here.

    I think the 599 would be an excellent choice for a beginner. The engine is de-tuned compared to the 600F4 (I think it is actually an F3 engine) and the riding position is good.

    It is still a lot of motorcycle for a beginner (compared to a GS500 or a Kawi 250 or 500) but, I think, more appropirate than a true sports bike.
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    The Kawi is actually the Z750.

    Both of these bikes makes almost as much power as a supersport 600. Both will shock you at how they'll so easily outrun any car on the road that isn't something VERY exotic... and even give THOSE cars a good run for the money.

    So really neither is a great beginner's bike. For that you should read sticky threads in the Beginners' Q&A.

    But if you insist on getting one of these then either will be as good as the other. Just depends on which you happen to like.

    But while you're at it look at the naked Suzuki SV650 and the Kawi 650 Ninja. Both have nice upright riding positions and the Kawi has the look of a sportbike thanks to it's fairing. And since both make a little less power than the Honda or Z750 they are a better option for a beginner. Less power in this case being very relative to the other bikes. Either will still move out faster than a hot 60's muscle car.
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    I had a 599 for my first bike and it was an excellent choice. Comfortable, easy to handle, and still was quick. It has 95 HP and gets to 100km/h under 4 seconds. It has the CBRF3 engine and it is very smooth.

    I would definetly recommend it if you want a sport bike but are still a little intimidated by the CBR's. Look for a used one you should be able to pick one up for arond $6K-$7K.

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    Look at the FZ6 too, before you decide.

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    599 is also a small bike. I'm short and can easily flat foot it. The downside is that for longish rides it does get a bit cramped.
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    I ride a 2004 599 and I really like it.. Lots of fun and Its pretty damn quick.. The front suspension is crap though.. way too soft and bottoms out easily. As mentioned For long rides you can get a little cramped and theres no wind protection.. Aftermarket handlebars help a little with the riding position..

    I had several older , bigger heavier bikes before.. For your first bike I'd probably recommend somewhat more of a 'beater ' bike.. That way you wont cry when it gets scratched but hey its your money!

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    It's a marvel of engineering
    Why aren't you buying a little 250 or a 500cc. something used so your not spending alot of money. keep it for a year or perhaps two. then upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donkeyassman View Post
    I ride a 2004 599 and I really like it..
    Same here. 599 is my first bike, and even though the first few hours felt a touch overwhelming, I grew into the power very quickly.

    There is a forum that's dedicated to Honda 599 - http://www.honda599.com. They have a thread going about whether 599 is a good beginner bike or not.

    Good luck with whatever you pick though.

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    Shop for a used one or '06 dealer blowout because the 599 is discontinued for 2007.

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    z750's the same as 600c.c. insurance policy...right??

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    mabye if you are after the look of a bigger bike mabye check out some grey bikes (overseas imports) like the vfr 400 just my 2 cence. And to answer your question I think the honda 599 would be the best of the bikes that you asked about the most user friendly of the two and still plenty fast ....
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    I have to say get a 599 you can't go wrong. This bike will easily go whatever speed you want to go. The long trips do get a little cramped though. After market bars are a good idea for that though and I just so happen to have a full set of clip-on bars for this bike. I love my 599 and when my gf finally decides to get her licence she's going to be getting it. I have lots of pics in my gallery of it also.
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